Over & under

I admit it. For the past two days I haven’t thrown a single shuttle. Why? I spent several hours visiting with friends, old and new, which was very nice. When I had productive time I followed my heart, and the inspiration of fellow weavers and bloggers Theresa (Runamuck Weaving) and Amanda (Weave Away) and […]

This is a first

In the years that I’ve been weaving custom baby wraps, I’ve woven & sent off 83. Until now I had 1 returned…an early one that had a design flaw that I subsequently fixed. Now, I suddenly have 2 back. One mom, a sister wrap, didn’t like the warp colors in person, which she didn’t get […]

Temporary fix

How beautiful is that warp?! My brain can’t stop thinking about what I’ll use for weft and what I’ll make out of the fabric that I weave. But first I have to weave the 2 wraps for KG.

I got the warp beamed, threaded, and tied on to the front apron. I wove […]

Jack in the box

Weeks ago I picked Jack’s toys up from around the house I put them in a little cardboard box. The box was big enough to hold all his toys (he doesn’t have that many) and small enough that he could reach into it easily. He never got anything out. I had to go pull […]

Pretty pretty

As planned, I received a box of yarn on Monday afternoon. This contains what I need to weave the next two warps of baby wraps — 4 wraps plus. What’s the plus, you say? The first warp, for KG, totaled 6.2 meters. I can weave up to 10 meters finished length, so decided I’d […]