I did a bad, bad thing

You know my commitment to using up my stash? Well I went to Daft Dames yesterday and bought 13 cones of unmercerized cotton. The four cones on the bottom are cotton flake, which is a thick & thin yarn that makes for great absorbency in towels.

What possessed me? Sales. That’s what. In the […]

Short & Sweet

I have to be quick. Somehow it’s already after 1PM and I haven’t accomplished much on my list. That’s your win, as I can’t ramble endlessly. Only briefly.

Here’s what I’ve been doing of late.

I now pick up my grandson at kindergarten 4-5 days/week so that he can avoid an hour-long afternoon bus ride. […]

Bad, okay, and questionable

Starting with the bad. Or maybe it’s not so bad, but it creeped me out a bit.

I was on my walk a few mornings ago and was stopped by bright splashes of red on a plant I was passing.

I thought they were interesting looking. Bright and cheery. And then I looked down. […]