Handwoven Silk Scaves

I’ve been weaving for six years. In weaverly terms, that’s really nothing. I read articles, blogs, and posts on Weavolution by women and men who’ve been at this craft/art for half a century. Heck, my first weaving class was taught by a man in his 80’s who learned to weave rag rugs as a boy […]

Huck Patterned Shawls

I know I’m really short on shawls for the coming show season. I also know that shawls take more than twice as long to wind the warp, twice as long to thread the heddles and reed, twice as long to do the hemming. Still, I felt like I needed to weave more shawls. So I […]


Weaving is all about threads. Which threads go through which heddles. Which harnesses are tied to which treadles. Which harnesses are up and which are down. Make one little change, purposely or not, and the differences can be dramatic.

That’s what happened when I was weaving some cotton shawls. The results are fine, but […]

Stripes & Blocks

I decided to weave another tencel 3/1 vs. 1/3 twill, this time with a striped warp. I intended to use 5 different colors in the warp, but when I was measuring it on the warping board I didn’t like it, so changed to just 3 colors.

Here it is on the loom with a medium […]

Advancing Squares

I know I’m short of my stock of shawls so went for a warp of 3 rayon in a pattern I haven’t used before. I’m not positive I’ll use this pattern again, either. We’ll see how it goes. The pattern is an 8harness advancing squares pattern, so I wove it on my Mac. We’re friends […]