And now it’s October

I sound more and more like my mother – like everyone’s mother – every day. Where does the time go? Last time I looked it was mid-September, and now it’s rapidly closing in on mid-October. And when I try to figure out what I did in the past month, I can’t come up with a […]

Do it again…or not

I didn’t take any process shots of the transparency weaving, but I can talk about it a bit. A woven transparency is a fabric that has a very loosely woven linen background with a patterned inlay. That inlay can be done with color in a very representational style, such as this from

Or […]

New adventures

Helen Keller is quoted as saying that life is either a grand adventure or nothing. I don’t know exactly how I feel about that sentiment, but I do know that I’ve certainly had my share of adventures in the last decade, especially in the last few years.

My latest adventure is placing some of […]


The Buffalo Weavers’ Guild, of which I am an out-of-town member, has a regular program called FIFI – Find It, Finish It. A great concept.

Although I didn’t need to find these things, I did manage to finish a few things recently. First the unexciting but necessary.

Of those 12 casement windows in […]

MonkeyBoots IronMan Jim

I’m going to start this post with the good news. My grandson had told his mom on several occasions that he wished he had a sock monkey. As it so happened, I had 1 pair of sock monkey socks in my craft trunk so made it for him. For the record, I don’t like […]