Sweet Dreams, Little Man

My grandson has been having some problems with nightmares lately. My daughter, queen of research, learned that it’s not uncommon at his age. She also learned that the reason that some little ones have nightmares is that they are developing their creative skills. They are now at an age when they can use their imaginations […]

Oh Happy Day!

I know that old gospel standard is now playing in your, and I’m not even sorry about it. Today was a great day for me, on several fronts.

After substitute teaching half the day and then grocery shopping yesterday, I sat myself down in front of my computer, determined to update my website with all […]

November Contest, part 3

Ok, so it’s only 2 days till Turkey Day. I’ve asked you to tell me someone you’re grateful is in your life & a holiday tradition. Now that we’re down to the wire, here’s final part of the contest: tell me about a funny Thanksgiving memory. Could be ha-ha funny or weird funny. Maybe you […]

November Contest, Part 2

Ah, Turkey Day. In addition to bringing to mind all the reasons we have to be grateful, for most Americans it’s filled with traditions. As a kid, I have a few essential Thanksgiving memories: my mom getting up early to begin drying out white bread in the oven, later to be cubed, mixed with […]

Garnet Weddings

When I was a girl the nuns taught us that red was the passion color. We were not allowed to have red & white checked tablecloths on the tables at our high school dances, nor to wear red dresses, for fear that we would stir our teenage dates into states of love that could not […]