Half Fast

Here’s where I made the transition from FB’s creme cotton weft to TP’s black cottolin. As I knew it would be, the difference is remarkable. Which do I prefer? I can’t tell till they’re off the loom and I can see both sides of both wraps.

I’m about half way through TP’s wrap at […]

Back on the stool

Every weaver has to find her own loom seat. What will adjust to the specific height she needs, fit close enough to the breast beam of her specific loom, and support her tush enough that she can sit for long periods without pain.

For me, that’s a stool. A drummer’s stool, to be […]

2 Long Chair Days

I spent the last two days — looooong days — in my living room chair. Knitting. And knitting. And knitting. And then sewing things together. I now have all the Christmas presents made. Whew!

Here’s what I was working on.

The moon will accompany the little bird rattle for my grand-nephew. It took much […]


Today was a productive day. That always makes me feel good. I got about 50″ woven on FB’s wrap. After the goof with the choke ties and the ensuing beaming difficulty, it was a pleasure to see that the warp is working well.

And now that I had that light bulb go off in […]

10 years & 2 hours

At least a decade ago my shower drain started leaking into the basement. When I had some home repair guys here laying tile on my bathroom floor at least 8 years ago I asked them to fix it while they were here. They told me it couldn’t be fixed without removing & replacing the […]