Handwoven scarves – log cabin

I had 2 days to get a warp measured, beamed, threaded, and woven, cut off the loom, fringed, wet finished, pressed, & tagged if I was to meet my self-imposed deadline. Could I do it?

It was easy enough to measure out a warp for log cabin, holding one black thread & one white thread […]


As soon as I say “always” or “never” — as in, “I always do X” or “I never do Y” I’m reminded of how untrue that is. I got about 18″ of the second rayon chenille scarf woven when all of a sudden it hit me. I wasn’t really weaving tabby. Although I almost always […]

Late Thanksgiving

I’m quite flexible about some things, especially about what day my family celebrates holidays. If it makes life easier for my kids and grandson to get together before or after the ‘official’ day, that’s fine with me. The important part is that we get together and enjoy each other, not that we do it on […]

November beauty

Although the people in NYC & NJ would surely disagree, I am so thankful for our November weather. We’ve had way more than our share of warm, sunny days. Sure it gets cold at night, but it might be troubling if it didn’t.

Except for the oaks which hang onto their brown leaves through much […]


Life is all about balance. Balancing work & play, what I want to do and what must be done. When it comes to my weaving, at this point I’m balancing what I must do before the next show and what I want to do before the next show.

So I started by making a warp […]