Comfy Cozy

I got a special order for a baby blanket. From a grandma. I asked questions about colors, fibers, sizes, and so forth, and grandma consulted with mom to make sure we’d get it right. The decision was cotton flannel in a custom dyed blend.

So of course I went to Tammy, my wizard with […]

11 more handwoven scarves

I’m doing a bit of playing catch up here. I’ve been weaving as fast as I can, and now that I don’t need to try out a new loom, make decisions about which loom is staying, or do the work to sell the Varpa, I can get much more accomplished.

The first thing I did […]

Weaving News

The man from the nearby guild came over and picked up the loom on Thursday. He’d done his homework and found a post on Dawn McCarthy’s blog that told him the castle came off the sides of the loom pretty easily. It sure did, once you knew were to look and how to do it. […]

Lines & Angles

It’s been a long time since I’ve played along with one of Carmi’s photographic challenges. I don’t know what made me pop over to his blog tonight & decide to take on this week’s challenge – angles.

I took this photo a few months ago, after my son had told me that a […]

Now I Know

I don’t know about you, but for, talking about an issue helps me think things through & sometimes to solidify my thoughts, come up with the answer I couldn’t find silently. So I have long-suffering friends who are patient as I babble on.

When I was talking to Margaret, a non-weaver, about my loom decision […]