Lines & Angles

It’s been a long time since I’ve played along with one of Carmi’s photographic challenges. I don’t know what made me pop over to his blog tonight & decide to take on this week’s challenge – angles.

I took this photo a few months ago, after my son had told me that a […]

Parallel Weaving

Carmi’s photographic challenge this week is parallel. Weaving is nothing if not full of parallel lines. It was impossible for me to limit myself to one photo, so here are several.

I’d just finished winding these threads on the back beam of my counterbalance loom when I shot this. The colors of this to-be-woven […]

Weaving Still Life

Initially I was not excited by Carmi’s photographic challenge this week – still life. After all, my kitchen table is ALWAYS a mess, and since it’s an old-fashioned red formica, it’s not at all conducive to most photographs. Then while I was weaving this morning, I got an “aha” flash. Set it up on […]


This is a medium sized, multifaceted, Swarovski crystal that hangs in my living room window. Facing west, the light comes in late in the day. Sometimes, serendipituously, it creates this lovely colored glow. I wasn’t sure I could capture it on the camera, but it did work.

This is my entry into Carmi’s challenge […]

Beautiful Arrangements

A few weeks ago, my sisters, my daughter and I had our second annual celebration at Hurd Orchards. We had a really delicious lunch, made on site from fruits any veggies grown on the farm, with everything from salad to mini muffins, applesauce to quiche, finished with a wonderful cheesecake.

Each of the tables […]