July Contest

Although it’s not quite July yet, I’m announcing and starting the July contest.

Leave a comment of suggestions for Caitlin about transitioning Gavin to the new security blanket, and you’ll be entered into the contest. Each suggestion will get you one entry, so leave as many as you’d like. In order to be as timely […]

A Day at Hurd Orchard

Last week my two sisters, my daughter, and I spent a day at the Hurd Orchards in Holley, NY. We had a delicious gourmet lunch made with locally-grown veggies & fruits, served in a heritage barn. I remain remarkably impressed that this farm has remained undivided and in the family for almost 200 years!


Gavin’s Security Blanket, part 2

I’m making real progress on weaving Gavin a new security blanket. On Friday I measured the warp

Gavin's security blanket on the warping board

and tied the 390 threads onto the back beam.

Security blanket on the back beam

On Saturday I threaded all 390 heddles.

The heddles are threaded


Talisman Earrings

A good friend asked me to make her a pair of talisman earrings to improve her memory.

I know this woman well so didn’t need to ask too many more questions. I knew that I really needed to focus on memory, but also wanted add other gems for mental functioning.

So I did my […]


Carmi’s challenge for the week is cloudy. I’ve been checking out the sky for two days, and thought this shot was really lovely. Taken from my front porch at 9:00 pm.

Clouds in the evening