Healing Gemstones-Rainbow Flourite

Several colors of fluorite

I enjoy working with good quality rainbow fluorite. I find its transparent colors very attractive and appealing. I had used it many times before I realized that there really isn’t any such thing as “rainbow” fluorite – there’s green fluorite, yellow fluorite, purple fluorite, and clear fluorite. When they’re mixed […]

Rainbow Flourite Custom Jewelry

Joan called me a few weeks ago. She’s standing up for her friend’s wedding later this month and wanted a necklace to go with her new dress. She wanted me to design a custom necklace for her. We had a few false starts, but finally managed to meet so I could see the dress and […]

Got A Cold – Get Healing Gemstones!

It seems like lots of people get spring colds. I know I’m in the process of fighting one off, my daughter just got over one, and two of my friends have one. (Thanks to Margaret Shulock of Six Chix for use of her wonderful cartoon. Check her site to read about her cold and see […]