I used to make jewelry. A lot of it. When I started weaving I slowed down and eventually stopped making jewelry. I still have quite a bit of finished pieces to sell, which I do only very locally and at a bargain. More than that, I have many, many, MANY beads. You don’t want to […]

Back to Jewelry

My next show is the Letchworth Arts & Crafts Festival. This is the only juried show this year where I will have my jewelry. It’s also the last juried show that I plan to bring jewelry to. Period. From here on, weaving only. But I’m committed to jewelry on Columbus Day weekend.

I have very […]

November Contest, Part 2

Ah, Turkey Day. In addition to bringing to mind all the reasons we have to be grateful, for most Americans it’s filled with traditions. As a kid, I have a few essential Thanksgiving memories: my mom getting up early to begin drying out white bread in the oven, later to be cubed, mixed with […]

November Contest

Although here in the northeast our gardens are pretty much done in October, traditionally November is a time of celebration for the past growing season. Thanksgiving is the culmination of this, and includes gratitude for many things beyond just sufficient food.

My November contest is in that spirit of gratefulness and abundance.

I made a […]

Flying Away

This time of year, I’m always focused on my next show. What do I need to make to have the stock I want to be ready for my next show? How many days/weeks do I have to make them? Since there’s never enough time to make everything I’d like to have on hand, I have […]