And the winner is…

…Jane, of Canastota, NY. Jane’s entry in April’s contest to win a free gemstone talisman earned the most points – 327! The moss agate talisman should arriver at her door within a few days.

I admit it, I learned a lot with this contest, mostly about what NOT to do again. I promise, the next […]

Moss Agate – A Springtime Gemstone

Being an avid gardener, early spring is absolutely, without question my favorite season. It makes me really happy to be outside in the cool weather, clean up a portion of my many gardens, and see all the tiny little noses of green and pink poking through the soil. Lots of people would look at the […]

Free Healing Gemstone Talisman Contest

Moss Agate Talisman

As promised, this month I’m holding a contest. If you win, you’ll get a free healing gemstone talisman – totally free. I’ll pay for regular USPS shipping, too. In honor of spring, this month’s free talisman will be moss agate – a very earthy stone. I’ll post about the healing properties of […]

Got A Cold – Get Healing Gemstones!

It seems like lots of people get spring colds. I know I’m in the process of fighting one off, my daughter just got over one, and two of my friends have one. (Thanks to Margaret Shulock of Six Chix for use of her wonderful cartoon. Check her site to read about her cold and see […]

Gems for the Economy

It’s not as if you need the talking heads to tell you that we’re in economic trouble, you live with it every day. Even if your personal finances or your retirement income seem stable now, you worry about how long that will last. If you’re among the millions of people in the United States and […]