Another tiny tapestry

Although I still haven’t wet finished the silk scarves I wove, the 4-selvedge, tiny tapestry concept was pulling me in. I just cut this off the loom, and wet finishing needs to be done.

The color meanings are the same as the last one, and as the scarf for the exhibit, with the addition […]

6 + 2 does not equal 8

My grandson learned to add in kindergarten, so he would not be happy about the title of this post. The 6 are scarves toward my May monthly goal, the 2 are something entirely different. So let’s start with those different things.

The Rochester Central Library is collaborating with Rochester Technical Institute on an exhibit called […]

Not as planned

I think in my prior hand painting I pretty much always mixed colors. This time I decided to use a few straight. My goal with this 8/2 tencel warp was red and orange. I used mixing red and tangerine. What I got was a dark pink and a pale orange. A learning experience.

I also […]