Do what works

All blacks are not created equal. Sometimes it’s the dye, sometimes it’s the base fiber, sometimes it’s…I don’t know what. I’m not sure how well it shows in the photo above, but I was finishing CT’s wrap, woven with custom dyed black cotton/hemp blend, and started TS’s wrap, woven with Maurice Brassard’s black cotton. […]

The IHTNW Club

I’m starting a new club. It’s called I Hate To Needle Weave (IHTNW). Feel free to join me. There are no dues, no meetings, no formality of any type. The only membership requirement is that you, too, hate to needle weave.

I cut 2 baby wraps off the loom yesterday. Post loom there are a […]

February is fickle

I had been planning to leave Wednesday morning to visit my good friend from high school, who’s lived in West-by-God-Virginia for decades. The 22″ of snow we got on Tuesday squashed those plans. So we’ve rescheduled and will try again. That’s one of the beauties of being retired from paycheck jobs and self-employed…schedules are much […]

Works for me

Work progresses. The photo shows me beaming the warp for CT & TS. From left to right in the photo the colors are royal, bleu, peacock, emeraude, lavande, magenta, and mauve pale. The blends going from the royal to the emeraude just pull my eye in every time.

I now have the warp threaded […]

Some I love, some I hate

Among my indoor accomplishments yesterday I finished measuring all the yarn for CT & TS’s baby wraps. Isn’t this section to die for? I just love these colors, especially when they’re together.

I also took photos of the six finished scarves made from my painted warps. Once again I took well over 45 pictures […]