Staying in

With wind chills hitting in the -20s, today was a good day to stay inside. Jack & I walked enough for him to get his job done. This took two trips outside, since he wasn’t willing to stay out long enough to poop this morning, even with both of his jackets on. And we’ll have […]

How to measure gradients

After a somewhat lengthy break, I’m working on my next baby wrap warp. This one is for CT and TS. Instead of taking still shots of my bouts, I thought I’d try a different route this time, showing what is involved in measuring a warp, especially the gradient section. I tried my hand at another […]

First painted warp

I’ll be darned if I can get these scarves to photograph with real-life colors. It just is what it is.

After I got the first of my painted warps beamed, I had several personal and family things call me away from the loom. I finally got it threaded in an undulating twill pattern, a slight […]

It’s not easy

Taking good photos of my finished work is not easy for me. I spent a long time, took almost 50 photos of five finished scarves, and ended up with five shots that are passable, but not great. I tried various props, lighting, and layouts. I tried with hanging and laying flat. Nothing wonderful happened….sigh. This […]