Testing: 1, 2

I’ve decided I can’t yet decide.

But that’s okay, because I came up with a plan that’ll help me decide.

What the heck do I need to decide?

Whether to sell my Macomber or my Varpapuu loom. One of them needs to go. I’ve had the Mac for a handful of years, the Varpa […]

Finishing & Catching Up

With my next show looming, I’ve been working hard to get new things woven and old(er) things fringed, wet finished, pressed, and labeled.

For instance, while watching TV this weekend, I strung ribbon and hung my tags on those 71 bags I’d made a few weeks ago.

I finally trimmed the fringe and photographed the […]

Weaving with Silk…and Cotton

After warping up the Varpa and getting everything all tied up correctly, I decided I’d change the treadling for each of the three handwoven silk scarves, as well as the weft color.

For the burgundy scarf I used ‘tromp as writ’ — meaning I danced across the treadles in exact same pattern as I’d […]

8 harnesses on Varpa

Warning to non-weavers: this is a very weaverly post. While you may not understand all the language, I think you’ll still find the photos interesting.

After successfully completing a warp of 4 4harness scarves on my new Varpa, I decided that it was time to give it a run with 8H. I knew I wanted […]

Weaving on the Varpa

You know me too well. You knew that I’d find a reason for continuing to work on the Varpa, didn’t you?

Well, my heddles aren’t here yet, scheduled to arrive tomorrow, but I thought about it, and decided it made most sense to try a 4 harness pattern that I’ve woven before — on my […]