Holding pattern

Life is funny. Things unfold as they are supposed to, if only you can relax and let it be. Being rather obsessive-compulsive, I have to remind myself of that – less now than when I was younger, but still…

I got that black & white shawl warp planned, measured, hand painted, cured, dried, beamed, and […]

Hanging the roses

I have the transparency done and hung. It’s not perfect, and I would make different decisions if I were going to do it again, but I’m happy with it. I debated about making it monochrome or using several colors, and honestly, I don’t know which I would have preferred. I may make another transparency […]

Elephant jokes

When I was a kid, elephant jokes got very popular for a time. In case that wasn’t happening when & where you were, here are a few I remember.

Q. What’s red & white on the outside and gray & white on the inside? A. A can of Campbell’s Cream of Elephant soup.


Sharing my food

I decided not to plant those luscious little Sugar Cube cantaloupes again this year, since last year squirrels or chipmunks munched into them before they were fully ripe for me to pick.

So I put in a few tomatoes (which have really suffered with our lack of rain), a few sweet peppers, some lettuce, […]

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

I arrived back home about 10:15 last night. By the time I (mostly) emptied the van, walked Jack, and took a shower, I was about ready to drop. Both set up and tear down are bears, and this weekend’s heat and humidity had everyone just dripping.

But I will do this show every year, […]