Next Up….

EJ’s warp is on the loom. I love the way it looks in real life, and hope that the image does it justice.

It will be interesting to watch this warp take shape. EJ is the first mom to request tabby for her weave, and the first to request 1 light color & 1 […]

EJ’s Yarn

Today I’ll start measuring the warp for EJ’s wraps. She’s ordered two – one with a natural weft, one with peacock.

Here are what her warp yarns look like before I start. Aren’t they lovely?

From left to right it’s mauve, mauve pale, lilac, bleu cobalt, bleu moyen, and jeans. Yummy!

As planned, yesterday […]

They’re off!

I shipped off the wraps today to E & A. They should arrive on Monday – yeah!

Here’s E’s:

And A’s:

On an unrelated note, I popped by Halcyonyarn this evening looking for a replacement rigid heddle. Their front page had this adorable image of these three felted dogs.

I think they’re […]

Hearts & Flowers

A, who’s getting the sister wrap to the gorgeous rainbows you’ve already seen, asked me if I could weave a slightly different design for her. She sent me an image of a hearts & flowers weaving draft, saying she couldn’t find anyone who could weave it for her.

The design required only 8 harnesses, […]

1st Law of Motion

You know Newton’s first law of motion – a body in motion tends to stay in motion; a body at rest tends to stay at rest. You’ve surely had personal experiences to prove this law. It applies in weaving, too.

I am short. I have short arms and short legs, and the fact that my […]