November Contest, Part 4

After I posted Part 3 of this contest, asking for your funny stories, I thought about what funny story of my own I would post. I was surprised to realize that I don’t really have a funny story about Thanksgiving. So I’m posting Part 4 – Good News.

I got the best Thanksgiving news ever […]

November Contest, part 3

Ok, so it’s only 2 days till Turkey Day. I’ve asked you to tell me someone you’re grateful is in your life & a holiday tradition. Now that we’re down to the wire, here’s final part of the contest: tell me about a funny Thanksgiving memory. Could be ha-ha funny or weird funny. Maybe you […]

Macomber Assembly Update

Yikes! I had this post all written, had the photo in and everything, then suddenly, POOF, it was all gone. And I stupidly hit the Update Post button by mistake, saving an EMPTY post!

My original post was much more witty and clever than this do-over. What?! You don’t quite believe me on that?! I’m […]

Copper Handwoven Scarves

I recently finished making these lovely handwoven rayon chenille scarves. Made from hand painted yarn by the ever-talented Tammy of Yarntopia Treasures, she calls this colorway Copper. As the dyes turned out on the pure white rayon chenille she started with, these scarves are actually very saturated orange color, with greens and browns thrown in […]

Night Fire

I am far from being a fire bug. I’ve gotten quite good over the years at building fires in my wood stove and burning them in such a way that my house is warm but not too hot, and my chimney stays clean.

But fires outside? Bonfires? I never make them. If someone else makes […]