Moving Forward

Today I hard pressed & labelled MP’s two wraps, the last steps in finishing them.

Here they are, full width. On top is the hearts & flowers weave pattern with a black cotton weft, on the bottom is zigzag with a marine cotolin weft.

And here they are up close.

Although the colors […]

Zigging and Zagging

MP’s second wrap on that gradient warp is a different tie up & treadling — a simple zigzag (also known as straight treadling on a point threading).

To my eye, it shows the gradients better.

The weft on this one is a organic cotolin (60% cotton, 40% linen) in marine. I like the softer […]

My First Gradient

MP, the woman who gave me my first order for a custom baby wrap and one of my testing moms, asked me to do a semi-random gradient for her next warp. I owe her a lot, so said yes, even though I was quite hesitant about how much time it would take to measure the […]

No Comparison

A friend asked me to weave her a custom alpaca scarf. As always, I’m happy to do so. She chose the colors to coordinate with a new jacket, and picked the specific pattern from some images I’d sent her.

The lime and forest yarns are an alpaca-silk blend from WEBS, the cream and black […]

Birds & Rainbows Fly Away

Laura Fry a the biggest proponent I know of wet finishing handwovens. She has literally written the book about it. All of her knowledge and reasons for doing so are right and true.

For me, the hard press on the last baby wrap was important for a reason in addition to setting the fibers. I […]