No Habla Espanol

I was called in to substitute yesterday. In high school Spanish. Hah! I never took Spanish. I can say a few common phrases, and can figure out a reasonable amount of vocabulary words, but conjugate verbs? Not a chance. Know when to use la or el? Nope. Have a basic grip on the difference in […]


Like lots of people, I’m piecing together my income from a combination of jobs. Unlike many, I’m fortunate I’ve chosen most of them, doing lots of things I love doing – particularly handweaving and making gemstone jewelry.

This year I added a new job to my repertoire – I’m substitute teaching. I got my bachelor’s […]

Organizing the Weaving Studio

This past weekend was the annual Allegany Artisans studio tour. The 22nd year for the Artisans, it was my first time with this group. I took off the week before to prepare.

Ok, mostly to clean my house. A task I despise, I always put it off as long as possible. Obviously, now was […]

Between Friends

Sandra Bell-Lundy is an AMAZING cartoonist. Her drawings and writing in Between Friends, her daily strip, are top notch.

Plus she’s always looking for ways to give back – writing strips encouraging women to get mammograms, for example.

Those qualities are evident if you follow her work. And you should. But you might […]

October Snow

It’s October 16. We had snow. And I mean SNOW.

See the difference in the size of my clothesline with and without the snow? You may not be able to tell measurement in the picture, but it’s about 4″ of snow. In mid-October. Pretty amazing! And isn’t it odd how half the snow is […]