Going public

Does the scarf in that spread look familiar? It’s my cityscape scarf, published in the new Handwoven magazine. This article was 11 months in the making, from me watching a webinar on how to submit to the magazine, to having the scarf accepted as a concept, to having it published. In between, the USPS […]

What I’ve been up to

I spent much of today on that little project. Went to the nursery as planned, and spent quite a bit of time looking for and then choosing the plants I wanted, thanks to the helpful greenhouse manager at Grossman’s Garden Center. I bought more tomato plants than I’d intended. Oh well. So I dug […]

And the winner is….

As promised, I did do the drawing on Wednesday, but then I got really busy and didn’t go any further. Right now I only have time post this much and email Liz for her mailing addy, then back to work. Actually to the nursery to buy tomato & pepper plants, among other things. Then […]

Darn it!

I really like to knit socks. And to wear hand knit socks. I think I have 8 pairs in my drawer. Some are getting old, which means worn. Although I would never dream of fixing store-bought socks, I’ve thought about learning to darn my hand knit socks for a while.

Earlier this week […]

Lost again…117/1,476

I got lost in the process again. This time the process was importing all my CDs into my computer so that I can listen to them via Sonos.

From Thursday afternoon to this Saturday afternoon I imported 117 albums (1,476 songs). Whew! Sounds like a crazy amount, doesn’t it? (No, I didn’t have to […]