Making new

I’ve been working on a variety of fronts. Although I don’t have any good pics at the moment, I’ve made plenty of progress in my new gardens. In addition to raiding my daughter’s garden I found two local people with perennial gardens they were dividing, and got lots of things: crocus, English primrose, hosta, […]

Towel giveaway

I haven’t done a giveaway in a long time. I intended to do so for my blogaversary in March, but somehow the time got away from me. So in honor of springtime, motherhood, and joy, I’m giving away this newly-woven rainbow towel. The towel, a bit oddly shaped at 15″ wide and 30″ long, […]

Glam shots

This morning I pressed the hand painted silk scarves and the sample for the COE. (Realized after I’d put away the iron and ironing board that I haven’t yet pressed those cotton & linen towels. Next time.)

I tried a variety of locations and layouts to photograph things outside in the shady natural light. Mostly […]

Martha & me

I wasn’t lost in the process for the past week, but rather taking a mini-vacation, visiting a wonderful friend from high school who lives in West Virginia. No weaving, no gardening, no work. Lots of great food, wonderful conversation, and laughter. Back on the home front…

I remember many years ago when I saw Martha […]