This & that

I have been doing a variety of things lately. Some fiber-related, some not. Let’s start with the not.

A woman who lives a few blocks away has 2 pear trees in her backyard. This was a great year for the pears and she posted on a neighborhood connection that anyone who wanted could go to […]

Lots of learning going on

Warning – long post. Read at your own risk. 😉

Apparently lot has happened in the last week. As soon as I got that black & white shawl warp on the Macomber and saw that there was a loom problem, I dyed a tencel warp for a run of 3 scarves. I wanted the blue-violet […]

Holding pattern

Life is funny. Things unfold as they are supposed to, if only you can relax and let it be. Being rather obsessive-compulsive, I have to remind myself of that – less now than when I was younger, but still…

I got that black & white shawl warp planned, measured, hand painted, cured, dried, beamed, and […]

What the heck???

Yesterday I took Jack out for his regular afternoon walk. It’s been very cold, so he usually chooses to walk only as long as absolutely necessary to accomplish his mission. The afternoon walk was once around the block, which was what this walk often is any time of the year. Fine.

We got back home […]

Spring Studio

I’ve been busy making my studio look like springtime, thanks to LV & AT.

As planned, on Thursday I started winding the warp for their custom baby wraps.

The colors, going from rose pale to jaune pale, then to vert pale, bleu pale and lilas, are so like Easter eggs.