This is what happens…

…when I let a month go by without posting. I have too much to show & tell. Sigh.

Far more on the home & garden front than the weaving front, so let’s get that out of the way first.

I loaded up my loom with Queen Anne’s Lace yarn from Henry’s Attic, sett at 12 […]

I must be crazy

I am a really regular reader, if not poster, on Weavolution. There was recently a post of this truly stunning double-sided scarf, woven by Weavin Steven. The scarf was inspired by a Handwoven article from a few years ago called Homage to Frank Lloyd Wright.

I fell in love with this gorgeous scarf […]

Color Blocking

I admit it. I’m a Project Runway junkie. Whether it it’s the original, Project Runway All Stars, or now Project Runway: Under the Gunn, I’m at my TV to watch it. It’s not uncommon to see some variation on color blocking in the designs.

Although that wasn’t what was in my mind when I […]

More Woven Skylines

I found enough off-white rayon chenille to warp my loom for 2 more clasped weft skyline scarves. My plan was to weave both as carefully as I could, and trust that one of them would be good enough for the jury.

I wove about 5″ on the first scarf and then wanted to do a […]

Twill Clasped Weft

I finally got some decent pictures of that cayenne baby wrap. Natural light is what it’s all about, for sure, especially with some colors and designs.

Here’s the wrap, showing both sides of it.

Again, I wove a different design on the ends. I’m less enthusiastic about these than I was about the zig […]