Watery Lace

This time of year, I just keep weaving, and weaving, and weaving to build up my inventory for the coming show season. It’s nice to weave light, lacy fabrics when it’s cold out – it makes spring seem right around the corner.

Of course this year, we had a week of summer before winter […]

Weaving Frenzy

As planned, I’ve been weaving just as fast as I can. I’ve made 13 scarves in the last six days. Everything’s been wet finished, but nothing’s been pressed yet.

The first thing I did was tie the fringe and wet finish the log cabin scarf I wove on the rigid heddle loom at my last […]

Rayon Chenille Log Cabin

Back in March when I was doing the bamboo log cabin weaves, I thought I wanted to try it with handwoven rayon chenille. At that time I was weaving more for spring and summer, so rayon chenille had to wait.

I finally had a chance to try it. These scarves are in gold and […]

More Bamboo Scarves

I’m keeping my promise to batch up the recent scarves I’ve woven instead of doing a separate post for each.

This color of 100% bamboo yarn is called Cloud. Â And these scarves are as soft as clouds. Â The silkiness and drape of bamboo, combined with the fact that it’s eco-friendly, make handwoven […]

Bamboo Log Cabin

A few years ago when I first saw a scarf handwoven in a log cabin pattern, it blew me away. It was completely beyond me how this pattern could possibly be done. I spoke with the weaver, who insisted it was really easy. Huh.

I could see that it was a tabby weave, but how […]