Rayon Chenille Log Cabin

Back in March when I was doing the bamboo log cabin weaves, I thought I wanted to try it with handwoven rayon chenille. At that time I was weaving more for spring and summer, so rayon chenille had to wait.

I finally had a chance to try it. These scarves are in gold and bordeaux.
handwoven rayon chenille scarves, log cabin

My overall reaction is they’re ok. Rayon chenille has to be woven very tightly to keep the yarn from “worming” (fuzzy threads working their way out of the fabric) as it’s worn, so the threads in both warp and weft (rows and columns) are really close together. The design is therefore smaller than I’d like. I could do more than 8 threads to a pattern to make the squares larger, but the “stripes” would still be very close together.

I’m glad I tried it, but I don’t know that I’ll do more rayon chenille in log cabin. Unless I can figure out some other modification that will make me like it more.

Your turn: what have you tried that didn’t turn out exactly as you’d intended?

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