New Hats

Elmo didn’t make it. That is, the hat was definitely not accepted by my grandson. He was clearly not going to wear it; it was a struggle just to put it on his head so I could see how it fit. The little guy loves red, so that wasn’t an issue; his mom assumed it […]

Christmas Towels #2

It’s December 26 so now I can show you my second batch of Christmas towels. I still have to give two of them tomorrow morning, and mail one to a friend who won’t be home for weeks, but neither of those people will be reading my blog, so it’s safe to proceed.

After I made […]

Christmas Towels #1

I got my first batch of towels for Christmas hemmed and pressed at about 8PM Saturday night, just about 12 hours before I needed to put them in gift bags and then into my car for a family holiday celebration. Not that I was cutting it close or anything. 🙂

Sunday morning I photographed everything, […]

Sample Wrap #2

I finished sample wrap #2 and got it off in the mail. The first tester mom should have received it today. I’m anxious to know if this one is thin enough or if I need to reduce the ends and picks per inch further. I have enough warp on the loom waiting to weave […]

What’s the diff?

Diane & Ellie wonder what changed in my processes to save me 5 hours in beaming sample wrap #2. I should have taken more photos, but didn’t, so I’ll have to do my best to explain it with words.

I did take one picture mid-beaming, so let’s start there.

I used a warping valet […]