If at first…

…you don’t succeed, try, try again. If you’re still not succeeding, it’s time to change the plan.

I wanted to do a Bertha Gray Hayes miniature overshot pattern for the chair fabric. I planned to use doubled 5/2 cotton for the pattern weft, with the warp and the tabby weft both 8/2 cotton. So […]

Chipping away

It’s taken me 3 days of chipping away at it between other tasks, but I now have 160″ of LY’s custom baby wrap woven. The natural cotton weft makes such a difference in the value of those warp colors; I really like it. Only about 40″ to go. So I plan to finish it […]

It all turned out ok

What a day! I started making a batch of salsa at about 9AM. Of course, that starts with gathering and washing jars, etc. I made this recipe last year & absolutely loved it. IMHO this year’s is good, but not as good. Read on to find out why. Here’s the recipe for 1/2 batch […]

New acquisitions (and more weaving)

Although I still haven’t found any kitchen chairs, I’ve been looking, a lot. Today I went to 4 thrift stores. No chairs, but I did buy a really sweet, little table to replace a TV tray in my living room.

It’s reportedly a Pembroke mahogany table. If that’s true, I got a steal […]

What I could & couldn’t do today (& table tale part 3)

Warning…a long post with lots of pix & topics.

Today I accomplished most of what I attempted.

First I decided I it was time to do the repair on my leather chair. If I recall correctly, when puppy Baxter (who’s now 7) visited he tried to get a toy from under the chair and inadvertently […]