Calm before the storm

The last two days here in Western New York have been so amazingly beautiful, so warm and lovely, that it’s hard to think about the Frankenstorm that’s coming. Too hard to stay inside the house, even when there’s tons to be done to be ready for my next show.

How to solve this dilemma?


Loom ID

It took a week with no clues, and then within 24 hours two women contacted me to identify my little new-old loom. Thanks here to weaver Paula who sent me an email, and second to weaver Wendy who commented on my original post, for letting me know that I am now the proud owner of […]

2012 Victorian Christmas Ornaments

As planned, for the past two weeks I’ve focused most of my time on creating new Victorian Christmas ornaments. I made four new ones, which doesn’t seem like many till you realize that each one is individually designed, meaning that many hours go into working out the number of beads in each section, the order […]

New Old Loom

I picked up a little convertible table/floor loom today. Like my other 3 looms (4H counterbalance, 8H Macomber, and rigid heddle), I picked it up for a song, and it hasn’t been used in decades. It needs work, quite a bit of it, to bring it back to life. My goal is to make it […]


As usual, my thoughts about what the customers at the Letchworth Arts & Crafts Festival were completely wrong. Maybe I ought to decide what I think my customers will like and then make exactly the opposite thing, since that’s about how accurate I usually am. (What a grammatically poor sentence!)

I made mug rugs, […]