On making mistakes and not

It took FOREVER to beam the warp for Meghan’s baby wrap. Honestly, although I said I was going to keep track of the time spent, I stopped doing so after 3 1/2 hours when I felt very far from the end of the beaming process. I kept being interrupted – by phone calls, by […]

Starting Meghan’s Wrap

The fuchsia yarn arrived and I can get started on the baby wraps – finally!

Last night I measured two bouts on the new-to-me warping mill. First came the darkest color – dark mauve.

The warping mill is much quicker than measuring on the warping board, but it still wasn’t quick. This first bout […]

Best Laid Plans

Surely you learned about the poet Robert Burns in school. Those plans ‘gang aft agley.’ Once again, my plans went awry.

After finishing that last post I went first to my notes and computer, writing down how many threads of each color I needed to measure in what order for that first baby wrap.


Getting Ready for Baby…

…Baby wraps, that is.

I mentioned that my insert eye heddles arrived. In a big bundle of 200.

For non-weavers, each thread in a warp goes through the eye of a heddle. That heddle is on a harness, which is what gets raised or lowered to make a weaving pattern. Here’s a closeup of […]

Handwoven Baby Wraps

In early September I got an email from a woman who’d seen my website and wanted to know if I’d weave her a custom baby wrap. I’m happy to do so, so we exchanged lots of emails to decide on pattern (hearts), color, size, and price by late in the month.

While this exchange was […]