Starting Meghan’s Wrap

The fuchsia yarn arrived and I can get started on the baby wraps – finally!

Last night I measured two bouts on the new-to-me warping mill. First came the darkest color – dark mauve.
dark mauve on the mill

The warping mill is much quicker than measuring on the warping board, but it still wasn’t quick. This first bout of 196 threads took me 1 1/2 hours to measure. Longer than I thought. Ditto with the second bout. Then I was done for the night.

This morning I started measuring more of the warp, and it went faster. I could wind a bout in much closer to an hour. Whew. That feels better.
more yarn on the  mill

It’s fun to see the warp take shape. Here’s light mauve, the blended section, and then the fuchsia. Doesn’t it look yummy?

After I got all 940 ends measured (almost 7 hours), I took it over to the loom and spread it out in my raddle. That took about 45 minutes.

warp spread out

Usually I spread the warp on the back beam to the exact width it will be in the reed. This time I decided not to spread it that far, as it would present me other problems – I’d have to use lease sticks I don’t like, they wouldn’t fit through the chains on the Macomber to move to the front of the loom, and therefore I would have plenty of problems trying to use my warping valet.

The next step is beaming that warp – winding the yarn on the back beam, being very careful to maintain tension throughout the process.

beaming Meghan's warp

I worked on it for about an hour and then was done for the night.

Tomorrow I’ll finish beaming and start the threading. I am definitely keeping track of my time to so I can determine if the prices I’m charging are reasonable or need to be adjusted for people I haven’t quoted yet.

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