New Views

When I finish a warp I get two views I like at the loom: the cascade of yards of fabric as I roll them off the cloth beam…

…and the neat cut ends of the remaining scrap warp.

After inspection, trimming/repairing as needed, hemming, washing, drying, pressing, and labeling, two more wraps are ready […]

Beautiful colors

Here you can see the purples clearly as I change from LM’s black weft to ARO’s marine. The next color, lavender, still doesn’t show up well in the photo, but it does in real life.

In addition to being black, LM’s weft is a cotton/hemp blend. And since it comes only in natural, her […]

Soooo productive

Today was a very productive day. I started by walking about 3.5 miles round trip to the hardware store to pick up a few things I needed. I stopped by the bagel store and picked up a few bagels, and –YUM– a slice of double chocolate banana bread to reward myself on the way home.


Learning from experience

You know this is one of my favorite angles for photos of new warps. This is no exception. This time it’s for LM & ARO, and although all the colors may not be obvious in the photo, they are in real life: mauve fonce -> mauve -> lavande -> gris pale -> magenta -> […]

It’s the third

The third medicated bath for Jack, that is.

I start by moving my little space heater into the bathroom to get it nice and warm. Then bring in Jack, set my timer, and soap him up. He has to stay in the tub with the shampoo on him for 10 minutes. That’s the hard […]