Water Breeds New Life

Springtime means rain, rain means puddles, puddles mean life. I thought I’d share some views of life in the water near my house.

There’s a ditch near my house that attracts frogs, particularly spring peepers and wood frogs. Last year the wood frog tadpoles amazed me with their iridescent underbellies, and how long they took […]

Handwoven Bamboo Scarves

This is another set of three bamboo scarves I’ve recently woven. I just love working with Bambu 7 – it’s so smooth and silky, so easy to wind on the back beam, and finishes so nicely.

On the downside, the 100% bamboo yarn does split easily, so I have to pay attention when I’m […]

Acorn & Honey Bamboo Stripes

In addition to those gorgeous handwoven cashmere and silk scarves, I also wove this set of three striped scarves.

Woven from 100% bamboo yarn, these scarves share the same warp – randomly spaced stripes of ivory, honey, gold, and navy blue. Two of the scarves, at left and on top, have a solid acorn […]

Cashmere Silk Scarves

I haven’t posted about weaving in so long, you probably thought I haven’t been weaving. Not true.

I finished the purple cashmere silk scarves, and I’m really happy with the finished product.

As you can see in the photo, they are extremely fine gauge and lightweight. The 50-50 blend of cashmere and silk means […]

Icy Water

Although we’ve had lots of unseasonably warm weather of late (today’s a notable exception), Carmi’s weekly challenge is to finish out winter. I took this shot a few months ago along the edges of a path I was walking. The way the water had made the waves in the ice, with the sun shining on […]