Same but different

There’s no reason why you’d remember a post of mine from February 2019. Instead of sending you back there, I’ll just re-post one of the photos from that post. I had just finished this open-front cardigan. Dyed the tencel, wove it, sewed it.

Well, I still have that piece. I’ve had it at shows […]

Some new things

Here’s what I’ve accomplished since my last post:

I got a cold. Or maybe it’s a touch of the flu, lessened by the fact that I got a flu shot. In any case, I spent only one day feeling totally crappy, and since then several days feeling pretty good but staying away from people […]

What was I thinking?

A few days before Christmas I got a hankering to do a jigsaw puzzle. Mind you, I haven’t done a jigsaw puzzle in probably 20 years. Why now? Who knows?

My daughter offered me one of hers, but the visuals didn’t really appeal to me. I went to Dan’s, the local craft store, and was […]