Some new things

Here’s what I’ve accomplished since my last post:

I got a cold. Or maybe it’s a touch of the flu, lessened by the fact that I got a flu shot. In any case, I spent only one day feeling totally crappy, and since then several days feeling pretty good but staying away from people because I’m quite stuffy and my cough sounds really awful. I fear the cough will hang on for a time, despite the fact that I’m taking all of the following: raw garlic, elderberry, echinacea, herbal teas designed specifically for this, goldenseal, Airborne, vitamin C. I’m also using my neti pot twice a day and Vicks-ing up at night. I must say it’s been rather a joy to simply stay home. I’d forgotten how much more free my schedule is when I don’t go to the gym for an exercise class in the morning. I didn’t think cardio would be a good idea, likely causing coughing, and I don’t want to spread this nasty. I am going to try my soul line dance class this evening and see how it goes.

sick old woman

I read a book I really liked. 350 pages in 24 hours. One of the benefits of having a cold.

book - Call Your Daughter Home

I did all my year-end paperwork. This means counting shelves and bins of raw materials as well as inventorying finished pieces. I also entered months of expenses into Quickbooks and prepared everything for my accountant.

shelf of yarn to be inventoried

I submitted an online application for a small, local show for my jewelry only. No idea if I’ll be accepted.

And I FINALLY took photos of the scarves I wove with the green tea/modal yarn from Finger Lakes Yarn. I showed you the dyed warp and 2 possible wefts here more than a month ago. I really like the 2 thin gold stripes down the middle of this warp, and the black edges.

First I used a 8/2 black tencel weft. It shows the weave structure well and really made those purples pop. But somehow it looks sort of like a bruise to me.

handpainted scarf with green tea & modal warp and tencel weft

I wanted the weave structure to show up but didn’t want the second scarf to be that dark. I tried the dark teal I’d dyed for weft, but didn’t like the way it worked with the warp colors. So I went for the sort of periwinkle yarn I’d dyed in the green tea/modal yarn. The colors are all ‘prettier’ here, but you can barely see the weave structure.

handpainted scarf, all green tea & modal yarn

So for the third scarf I chose a red-violet bamboo weft. This yarn is 5/2, so the scarf is a bit thicker than the others, and the pattern a bit elongated. The overall look is SO purple; I’m a purple lover, but maybe not as much as this. Too….magenta.

handpainted scarf with green tea & modal warp & bamboo weft

I had my rigid heddle loom warped up for demonstration at the Weavers’ Guild Holiday Sale and the Shop Hop at the Weaving and Fiber Arts Center. So I finished that off. I like the colors, but the yarn is a bit scratchy. And the fiber content is unknown, since I just pulled cones off the Center’s donated-yarn shelves. Not sure what I’ll do with the scarf itself. Likely donate it.

handwoven scarf, stripes

I also got some private instruction in some sewing techniques since I want to make more garments, and even improve at least one of my already ‘finished’ pieces. Looking forward to trying some of those things.

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