Pinwheels Redux

I got Summer’s 2nd blanket on the loom. As it turned out I had plenty of yarn to weave the second blanket, so the cones of aquamarine & black I ordered just in case will be extra. I’m sure I’ll use them up soon enough.

Then, because I’m not celebrating Thanksgiving with my family […]

Not Again!

Laura Fry recently blogged about how her hands forget exactly how to move when she’s been away from her loom for too long — which can be just a few days, really. Since Laura’s one of my weaving idols, I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad when I make a bonehead mistake.


I […]

Beading Intermission

While I was waiting to hear from my first sample-testing-mama about the wrap, I decided I’d make a beaded ornament. I haven’t made any since last year, and then I didn’t have time to make any real fancy ones. I like to have them for the December Roycroft show.

While there are similarities for […]

Up Against It

You make one mistake and it leads to more problems than you thought.

Back when I was weaving the sample wrap, I used one extra safety pin/marker, weaving 20″ more than I wanted to. When I finally figured out what I’d done, my first thought was that I wouldn’t have enough warp left to weave […]

The Real Deal

Meghan, my first baby wrap order and first sample wrap tester, has done her 5-day test and passed the sample wrap on to mama #2. Although she initially thought she wanted the wrap a little lighter in weight, Meghan decided that she wants me to weave her real wrap at the same sett.

I started […]