Pinwheels Redux

Summer's blanket threaded through reed

I got Summer’s 2nd blanket on the loom. As it turned out I had plenty of yarn to weave the second blanket, so the cones of aquamarine & black I ordered just in case will be extra. I’m sure I’ll use them up soon enough.

Then, because I’m not celebrating Thanksgiving with my family until Sunday, I got it woven and off. Next steps are to needle weave in a few ends, run a machine stitch along the woven edges, and toss them in the washer & dryer. When they come out I’ll apply the binding Summer’s requested.

On a holiday theme, someone told me that a special little boy would like an Elmo hat for Christmas. I found a few free patterns online. I took a some of this and some of that, knitting the hat itself and crocheting the features. I like the way it looks; I hope it fits him.

Elmo hat

Shhhhh…don’t tell Rusty!

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