Loom Issues #1

When I was weaving those eggshell cashmere silk lace scarves, I noted a problem that I thought might have been caused by an old reed, and decided to order a new stainless steel reed. That reed still hasn’t arrived, but I haven’t stopped weaving to wait for it.

After the eggshell scarf problems I decided […]

Weaving Towels

Last year I joined a napkin exchange as an impetus to try some new weaving techniques. Since I don’t use cloth napkins — or at least I didn’t until I got a whole bunch of handwoven ones 🙂 — this year I decided to join a towel exchange. I wasn’t particularly wanting to try new […]

Essential Non-Weaving Tasks

When I started my business by making jewelry, it was important to me that I repurpose materials as much as possible. Old beads and buttons became parts of my new creations, sometimes in the background, sometimes as the focus. I also made my packaging from wallpaper books that were no longer being used, and wrapped […]

Rainbows in Winter

This isn’t our first winter storm, but it is the first one in some weeks, and the first one to lay down enough snow that I had to have my driveway plowed. That’s almost unheard of down here in the snowy southern tier of western New York – plowing often starts in mid-December. Like much […]

More knitting

After I made hats and hats and more hats for people for Christmas, in my unceasing egocentricity I said to myself, “Hey, I didn’t get a new hat!” So I decided to knit myself one.

I didn’t really want a hat, I wanted a cowl/hood — something that would keep my chest warm both outdoors […]