All rolled up

As planned, today I got JK & QW’s wraps pressed & labelled. I sent out the PayPal invoices and received my payment immediately. So I went to package the wraps for mailing.

Uh oh. I’m out of bags for my baby wraps. Fortunately I had already washed a bunch of pillowcases, but I had […]

Wrap for royalty

QW had me use Havana tencel weft for her wrap, a color that’s new to me. Wow – was I impressed with the results! This wrap looks like it’s woven with gold threads — as in the olden days when the royalty had real gold in the fabric of their clothes. Hopefully this closeup can […]

Getting my life back

Although there are a few small finishing touches to be done, as well as a bit of painting, my life is once again essentially my own. Thank goodness! It was a very stressful 2 weeks – more than I realized until that last day when I had just had it.

I spent Saturday morning […]

The old & the new

I am fried. Toast. Dog tired. Another day with only virtually no weaving. Why? Continuing to work my butt off with my contractor to finish things up for the showing tomorrow. I promised you photos, and here they are, comparing the old and the new.

First, the upstairs hallway. OLD: pressed board flooring that’s […]

Bee helpful

Sometimes help arrives from really unexpected places. On Monday morning I followed my usual routine: roll out of bed, throw on clothes, put on my sneakers and go for a brisk two-mile walk.

That is, I started my routine. When I put on my 2nd/left sneaker, things changed dramatically. Unbeknownst to me, a […]