Some weaving progress

For the last few weeks I’ve been spending lots of hours in front of my computer. Not my favorite way to spend my time, but needed right now.

I’m back to working on my Certificate of Excellence (COE), and in addition to 40 woven samples, it requires lots of written work, too. I feel like […]

Quack Quack to the rescue!

Unfortunately, Owl was not an acceptable substitute for Fishy.

After the first day, Jack routinely rejected Owl and kept wanting to play with Fishy, who was looking worse by the day. I thought about what made Fishy so attractive to him, and decided it was the combination of his size (which Owl matched) […]

Dyeing experiments

I’ve heard about dyeing with koolaid but hadn’t tried it. Then I read Karen’s post about speckle dyeing, and figured I’d try it on something small first. I’d recently finished knitting these socks. Very nice, but all white.

So I read a bunch of online how-tos, then went to the store and got […]

Finding calm

I don’t walk along the bay every morning, but when I do it never fails to engage me. Even on foggy mornings like the one below, the bay is beautiful.

And in the early mornings, when I walk, it is quiet and peaceful, bringing me peace and calm. Very much appreciated in the […]

Yep, I was

Crazy, that is. I wove some more on the rayon chenille FLW warp, and decided it would not do what I wanted when it was all done, and that I could spend weeks weaving on something that wouldn’t make me happy. So I cut it off and tossed out the yarn. Paraphrasing Laura Fry, one […]