Lots of progress

Like anyone in business, I have to prioritize. What has the closest deadline? Do those things first. So here’s what I’ve accomplished since my last post…4 days ago. (You know that saying, if you want something done, give it to a busy person? Yep.)

Wash & dry a bunch of pillowcases and other fabric, then […]

Catsup, ketchup, catch up

Homonyms can be fun. While everyone wouldn’t pronounce catsup, ketchup, and catch up exactly the same, they sound pretty darn similar when they come out of my mouth. 🙂

So this post is to catch up on some things that are a bit newer than Christmas, but not really new. And not necessarily in the […]

Busy weekend

I was very busy this weekend. I finished those rayon chenille shawls, did the billing, took some finished photos and got them packaged up for mailing. I really struggled with the photos for these pieces. Either the purple was way off or the green was. Mostly the green looked like black in the photos, and […]

2,500 picks

Every endeavor has its own language. In weaving, a pick has 3 components:

Step on a treadle to open a shed (moving threads up and down – presumes a floor loom; table looms are a bit different); Throw the shuttle, sending the yarn through that shed ; Pull the beater bar forward, packing in […]

I’m loving it!

I had a bit of tie-up issue at the beginning and had to take out about an inch of weaving and restart, but I am loving this warp!

amethyst to iris side of the shawl

So much so that I wish I could have warped for four shawls, not just the two […]