Garden Journal, May 29

My garden is coming along beautifully, despite my complete lack of attention. I do hope we get some more rain soon, since I have to conserve water living on a spring, as I do. I’m happy to collect rain water & use that, but we haven’t had any in more than a week, and I […]

Empty Nest

This is the original empty nest.

The baby juncos went from completely helpless balls of fuzz to flying to the honeysuckle in just a few days! It completely amazed me. I was lucky enough to see one of the babies on a branch, but of course by the time I got my camera, he was […]

When is Phoebe not Phoebe?

Why, when she’s Momma Junco!

I do have phoebes nesting under my porch, as I do every year, so when I was being yelled at by birds when I opened my door, I just assumed it was all phoebes. When I actually looked, it was clear that it was a junco that had made her […]

Handwoven Swedish Lace Scarves

I’ve been a very bad blogger, but at least I’ve been a good weaver. I have good excuses. In the space of 21 days between May 22 and June 8 I have two shows — Routes to Art and Kenan Center’s 100 American Craftsmen — a major fundraiser for Pfeiffer Nature Center where I work, […]

Phoebe Finds A Home

Every year I have phoebes build nests under my porch. I rather like to watch their active bug-catching, and I don’t think my usual outdoor activity bothers them too much.

This year is a bit different. For reasons better left unenumerated, I hadn’t yet taken down my holiday wreath, which hangs on the outside of […]