Weaving with Organic Cotton

I’ve tried making handwoven scarves with organic cotton before, and wasn’t happy with the results. I know now that some of that was due to my (lack of) weaving skills, that I wasn’t using the colorgrown organic cotton to its best advantage. I also know that some of it was simply the materials, and the […]

Handwoven Mohair Scarf

I’m a crazy woman, I know. I can’t seem to help myself.

At 4:30PM on Monday I drove to the post office to pick up a package I had to sign for – 6 cones of mohair I’d ordered. I figured I’d quickly warp up my rigid heddle loom for 1 scarf to try this […]

Handwoven Alpaca Scarves

This past weekend I did another show – Christkindl Market in Canandaigua. As always, I wanted to bring my rigid heddle loom to demonstrate weaving, and as always, gave a great deal of thought to what I’d weave. Although my little LeClerc works fine and there are lots of options of what you can weave […]

One More Mistake

Remember back in school when you were taking tests regularly? One of the aphorisms I was taught was “don’t erase.” Although my first answer wasn’t always the right one, there were many times when I erased my first answer and entered the wrong one.

This scarf is an example of that same principle. When I […]

Reds & Purples – not just for old ladies

As I mentioned in the recent post about the Chino scarves, Tammy’s recent batch of dyeing was remarkably deep and rich in color.

Just like with the Chino, I’d used her Poinsettia colorway before and liked it, but I LOVE the new one. Made from three colors — two reds and a purple — […]