Handwovens for Baby

Babies. They smell great, they feel great, they’re cute as can be (especially if they’re related to you). And they deserve all the love, care, and warmth we can give them. Second Wind Weaving wants to help you wrap your special little one with love.

Handwoven Baby Blankets

A handwoven baby blanket is a beautiful way to show how much you care about that special infant in your life. It also makes a great shower gift that expresses your taste and style. A handmade baby blanket gives the little one hugs for you even when you’re not there. It becomes a literal security blanket for baby.

My handwoven baby blankets are so well made that they will not only last through toddlerhood, they’re likely to be the blankie that’s cuddled at nap time in day care. I know my daughter had to have her very special security blanket at bedtime well past kindergarten to make the evening go smoothly.

I don’t usually have a large stock of my handmade baby blankets, so feel free to order one in either carriage size (about 24″ x 36″) or crib size (about 36″ x 48″) in the colors and fabric of your choice.  Here are a few examples of my baby blankets.