Filling the Frame

Fall has such gorgeous colors. And last weekend the weather was stunning, so I couldn’t help but go outside with my camera.

Then, serendipitously I popped into the V7N blog, and saw that Cricket has posted a photographic challenge. This is week one, and we’re each to shoot at least 5 photos that fill the […]

Still Making Jewelry

I’ll be mostly working on jewelry for the next few weeks.

Once again, I’m really glad that I keep all my business records on QuickBooks; with a few clicks of the mouse, I could pull up a report from last year’s sales at Letchworth to give me some idea of how many pieces I […]

Back to Jewelry

My next show is the Letchworth Arts & Crafts Festival. This is the only juried show this year where I will have my jewelry. It’s also the last juried show that I plan to bring jewelry to. Period. From here on, weaving only. But I’m committed to jewelry on Columbus Day weekend.

I have very […]

Doggie Dilemma

Last month my very old cat died. Magic was 19, and was, indeed magical. He’d made it through any number of serious health crises, and had a good long life. We were sorry to see him go on a lot of levels.

One of those is that for years he and my dog Red were […]

Lacy Handwoven Silk Scarves

Being an early riser, I have a few minutes before I have to leave for the show this morning, so will sneak this post in.

I knew I only had two handwoven silk scarves left after Elmwood, so wanted to give my customers at least one more option. I had enough dusty rose silk left […]