The Final Four

I have only 1 day left to complete the V7N photo scavenger hunt. I decided I was letting the acceptable slip in search of the elusive great, so here are my final four acceptable interpretations. A few weeks ago I made a challah, just in case I needed a photo for bread. It wasn’t my […]

Roycroft Renaissance Artisan

I am prouder than proud. I was accepted to be one of an elite group of artisans, the Roycroft Renaissance Artisans.

Many people know that Elbert Hubbard was very influential in the promotion of the Arts & Crafts Movement. As a way to create a geographic home for the American artists and craftspeople mastering […]

Waning Moon

I finally captured my dark photo for the V7N photo scavenger hunt. It’s not exactly the moon I wanted, but we’ve had lots of cloudy nights, so it is the moon I’ve got. This picture was taken just before dawn, and the moon was not only behind the trees, it was also playing peek-a-boo with […]

Hearts, Hearts, and More Hearts

After I finished making those 4 lovely heart patterned handwoven baby blankets, there was a still a bunch of warp left on the loom. I thought I had enough length to make two table runners, side by side. I didn’t want just plain hearts, so I varied the treadling a little and made hearts that […]

Photo Hunt Continues

I’m continuing to work on the V7N photographic scavenger hunt.

We had a lot of rain the last few days, so I spent some time down by the creek taking lots of pics to get one that really turned me on.

I used a slow shutter speed to catch water as it rolled […]