Doubleweave Workshop

I spent Saturday & Sunday at a workshop the Southern Tier Fiberarts Guild sponsored. It was all about doubleweave. We had a small group – only 6 of us, so we were each able to get all sorts of guidance from Pat Edwards, our teacher.

Three of us were working on floor looms, three […]

Handwoven Hearts Baby Blankets, p2

I’ve finished weaving the baby blanket with the pink hearts…

…and started an aqua one.

Liz asked for the draft, which I’m happy to provide. I’m actually showing three similar but different tie up and treadling patterns, with the threading the same simple point twill for each.

The first draft is how I […]

Handwoven Hearts Baby Blankets

After weaving several scarves, I decided I wanted to add some more handwoven baby blankets to my stock. I only have a few, and I had to re-do the binding on two of those to make it right.

In one of the weaving blogs I read, Unraveling, Meg showed the design of baby blanket […]

Cappuccino Handwoven Scarves

After those lovely copper scarves, I decided to stick with the earth tones for a while. I moved to another of Tammy’s handpainted yarns, this time a rayon in cappuccino. I’d first used this colorway back in February with rayon chenille. I loved it, and decided I had to have it available in a lighter-weight […]

Scavenger Hunt Continues

As I move through my daily travels, I continue to look for things that will fit into the V7N photographic scavenger hunt. Here are several.

Life We had a few beautiful, warm, sunny, spring days this weekend, so I was able to get outside and do the spring cleanup in two of my garden patches. […]