Bamboo Infinity

I finished the bamboo warp. I’d warped for two wide (20″) handwoven scarves or shawls in 100% bamboo yarn in a cool minty green.

I wove the first in a tabby, planning to make this one into an infinity scarf.

I decided to try something different to close this one. This bamboo yarn […]

Best Buds

Red & Magic really do love each other. I took this photo from my porch last summer. I don’t know which of them was lying comfortably in the grass first, and which joined later, but the order doesn’t really matter. What matters is the fact that this is, or at least was, a common […]

New York Bamboo

Continuing with Jan’s scarf-a-day challenge (even tho I’m getting concerned about her) and my need to keep preparing for the upcoming show season, I completed four bamboo-cotton scarves over the weekend.

All woven with Tammy’s handpainted yarn, these are in a colorway she calls New York. The pinks and purples are nice and rich. […]

More Infinity Scarves

Olive Oil infinity scarf

NY infinity scarf

I’ve made two more infinity scarves, in two of Tammy’s handpainted colorways.

Both are handwoven from a bamboo-cotton blend — 2/3 bamboo and 1/3 cotton. Â I really like working with this blend. Â I like the way it drapes, I like the way […]

Macomber At Rest

I told you about getting my vintage Macomber 8 harness loom in pieces a few months ago, gave you a few stories about its assembly, and showed you some table linens I’d made on it. But I never showed you the loom in all its finished glory. The Macomber is resting now. It has been […]